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The Chinese version of the blockchain. How in a country where cryptocurrencies are banned, specialists of the future are trained

China is striving to become a world leader in the field of blockchain. Specialized courses are already taught in dozens of Chinese universities, and local officials listen to lectures on technology. However, cryptocurrencies are banned in the country — the most popular of its applications. About the prospects of the Chinese blockchain and the demand for specialists in this field — in the retelling of the Coindesk material.

October 24, 2019 marked the beginning of tectonic changes in blockchain education in […]

Kim Kardashian Fined $1.26 million for advertising cryptocurrency

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) fined Kim Kardashian $ 1.26 million for advertising cryptocurrencies on social networks without indicating that she was paid for promotion.

The agency also banned the reality TV star and entrepreneur from advertising any cryptocurrency for the next three years.

The SEC press release notes that Kardashian advertised the EthereumMax token, without indicating that she received a reward of $250 thousand for posting the post.

Kardashian told about EthereumMax last year in a post on her Instagram […]

In Singapore, the “Formula 1” limited the advertising opportunities of crypto companies

The Monetary Authority of Singapore has limited the advertising opportunities of crypto companies within the framework of the first Singapore Grand Prix since 2019 – the 17th stage of the Formula 1 season of 2022. Now teams can present the logos of their crypto sponsors only on cars and uniforms, and advertising of crypto services is prohibited on the highway and other urban locations.

After the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Miami in May with dizzying integrations of crypto-sponsors, when it […]