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the secret of a successful business

It should be understood that the secret of a successful business in modern conditions is the presence of consumers who are pumped by your idea. The consumers pumped up by your idea are your own sales market, where you can get monopoly super profits. At the same time, due to the use of trademarks, none of the competitors will be able to release their goods under your idea and thereby pick up your consumer.

Your own market is profitable. Of course, […]

The Chinese version of the blockchain. How in a country where cryptocurrencies are banned, specialists of the future are trained

China is striving to become a world leader in the field of blockchain. Specialized courses are already taught in dozens of Chinese universities, and local officials listen to lectures on technology. However, cryptocurrencies are banned in the country — the most popular of its applications. About the prospects of the Chinese blockchain and the demand for specialists in this field — in the retelling of the Coindesk material.

October 24, 2019 marked the beginning of tectonic changes in blockchain education in […]