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How to become rich in a post-industrial economy

The economy is the basis for the development of countries, states, businesses and people. It may seem that it is something whole, but in reality it is not. In reality, the economy is heterogeneous, because it consists of sectors. Within the framework of the economy, it is customary to allocate 5 sectors: primary, secondary, tertiary, quaternary and quintuple. In some countries, all sectors are present in the economy, including the post-industrial economy, and in other countries only some.

But that’s not […]

In Singapore, the “Formula 1” limited the advertising opportunities of crypto companies

The Monetary Authority of Singapore has limited the advertising opportunities of crypto companies within the framework of the first Singapore Grand Prix since 2019 – the 17th stage of the Formula 1 season of 2022. Now teams can present the logos of their crypto sponsors only on cars and uniforms, and advertising of crypto services is prohibited on the highway and other urban locations.

After the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Miami in May with dizzying integrations of crypto-sponsors, when it […]