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Why do we need a post-industrial economy

This was followed by the invention of more and more new tools and technologies and, as a result, transitions to new levels. This is how the industrial level and industry appeared, which became a new basis, because the main product was produced in industry. At the end of the XX century, technologies began to appear that allow mass generation and, most importantly, the introduction of new ideas, which led to the formation of a new economic basis and a new […]

Trends in FinTech, mining, blockchain and cryptocurrencies will be discussed at Smart Taler 2022

On October 22, the Smart Taler 2022 international conference will be held, dedicated to trends in the FinTech sphere, mining, blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The event will be held in a hybrid format. Participation is free.

International experts will speak at Smart Taler 2022 in two sections: Dev and Business. The event will be interesting for business owners, FinTech developers, and crypto enthusiasts for beginners.

What will happen?

Olga Poleshchuk, Russian Community Educational Programs and Business Development Manager, MetisDAO, will talk about Layer 2: […]