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Why do we need a post-industrial economy

This was followed by the invention of more and more new tools and technologies and, as a result, transitions to new levels. This is how the industrial level and industry appeared, which became a new basis, because the main product was produced in industry. At the end of the XX century, technologies began to appear that allow mass generation and, most importantly, the introduction of new ideas, which led to the formation of a new economic basis and a new level of economy called the post-industrial economy.

The product of the post–industrial economy is an idea. It is clear that new ideas were generated and implemented before, but with previous technologies it was a very time-consuming activity that required a lot of money, and therefore few people were engaged in it. Basically, everyone just copied other people’s ideas. However, the emergence of new technologies has allowed us to put the generation and implementation of new ideas on stream.

At first, this level of the economy was very weak, but then it began to occupy stronger and stronger positions, until, finally, the importance of this sector reached a critical mass and it began to crush other sectors. This event happened quite recently, each of us was a witness to it. We are talking about 2008, when an event occurred that was framed in order not to attract unnecessary attention of onlookers and potential competitors as a global financial and economic crisis.

In fact, in 2008, representatives of the new economy seized financial power and sent money to the post-industrial level of the economy, actually draining other sectors that were without money and they started having problems. In reality, the amount of money in the global economy has not decreased, they were simply sent where the new owners said, who are not interested in the past levels of the economy, because they became unprofitable and turned into infrastructure for the new economy.

The post-industrial economy, like any other, requires raw materials. She also has her own, specific raw materials. It may seem a little strange, but such raw materials are people, because it is in people that new ideas are introduced and it is from people that consumers are created. The most interesting thing here is that the more people the idea will be implemented, the more people you will need.

In other words, the development of the post-industrial economy will lead to the fact that the greatest value will be the people who will have to be protected, nurtured and cherished, so as not to lose the competition. They will no longer fight for sales markets, not for sources of valuable natural resources, but for people.


One of the technologies for working with ideas is noomarketing


It is clear that the methods of struggle will be completely different, we can say humane, without human sacrifice. At the same time, due to the fact that the fish is looking for where it is deeper, and the person is looking for where it is better, it is the creation of the best conditions for people that will be the way of competition, because if the population lives poorly somewhere, it will rush to where it will be better.

A decrease in the number of the population will lead to a decrease in the level of competitiveness of the country, because the ability to implement ideas will fall. The decline will continue until a country where the government does not provide an appropriate standard of living is absorbed by a more successful neighbor or until the entire population leaves it. In accordance with the above, we will have to work in the new conditions, and in some places not only states, but also companies will have to work.


At the same time, only those of them who will learn how to create a product of the post-industrial economy will survive. Finally, a new era, unless of course some global force majeure happens, will come very soon, most likely in 2020-2025, i.e. companies and states have only 5-10 years left to rebuild in a new way. If they do not have time to rebuild, then ruin will not be the worst prospect for them.

Only those companies and states that master the technologies through which it will be possible to create and promote the main product of a new level of economy — ideas – will be able to rebuild. The speed of transition to a new level is the most important thing here. Whoever is the first to rebuild, will be the first to receive customers. The rest of the customers may not be enough.

One of the technologies for working with ideas is noomarketing. Noomarketing is a technology that allows you to carry out the entire cycle of work with ideas, starting from the generation of an idea, including the creation of a strong brand and ending with the creation of a sales market based on it. Many well—known companies are working on technologies similar to noomarketing, which have already realized that the post-industrial economy is a reality.

It is better to start learning about noomarketing now. This is due to the fact that one theory is not enough, we also need experience in its application. The theory can be accessible to everyone and it is difficult to win something here, but the amount of experience can be different and this will be the determining factor, in other words, the one who has more experience will always win. Accordingly, the earlier you start, the more experience you can gain. The more experience there is, the stronger the level of competitiveness will be.

Where to start learning? You need to start learning small – read articles about business written in the language of noomarketing. They will prepare you to study the noomarketing itself. In principle, it is quite simple, but it is difficult to adjust to it. The articles are just the same written in order to make this rebuilding quick and painless. If something is unclear, you can get business advice and answers to all questions.