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Ways to increase Business returns

The return on business is the amount of money it generates. Businesses are different in terms of the level of return. Some generate a lot of money, some little, some even generate a minus. Of course, the dream of any owner is that the business generates the maximum amount of money. Maximum earnings from business is the goal of any businessman. But at the same time it is also his concern.

Return on business and ways to increase it

Improving business efficiency […]

The secret of a successful business is simple

As for noomarketing, the answer is simple – the secret of a successful business is that a successful business is engaged in the development and promotion of an idea. With this approach, the main thing is not profits or sales volumes, the main thing is not the product that you sell, but the main thing is to promote the idea and have a product that corresponds to this idea better than others.

It is this secret that underlies the success of […]

Kim Kardashian Fined $1.26 million for advertising cryptocurrency

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) fined Kim Kardashian $ 1.26 million for advertising cryptocurrencies on social networks without indicating that she was paid for promotion.

The agency also banned the reality TV star and entrepreneur from advertising any cryptocurrency for the next three years.

The SEC press release notes that Kardashian advertised the EthereumMax token, without indicating that she received a reward of $250 thousand for posting the post.

Kardashian told about EthereumMax last year in a post on her Instagram […]

The European Union is considering a complete ban on cryptocurrency transactions for Russians

The European Union may tighten restrictions on cryptocurrency transactions for Russians as part of the next package of sanctions, CoinDesk writes, citing sources

Such measures are planned to be taken as a reaction to the referendums on the annexation of the ONR, the DPR and the territories of the Zaporozhye and Kherson regions of Ukraine occupied by the Russian authorities.

In April, the EU imposed a ban on transactions with crypto wallets in excess of € 10,000 for Russian citizens.

According to the […]